Guy M. Robinson

Personal Bio:

With more than twenty (20) years of living and working internationally coupled with extensive North American work activities and advanced degrees in chemical engineering, Guy Robinson brings a broad range of financial, operational and technical knowledge and experience to the position of Director Commercial Operations of Energy Allied International (Energy Allied).

Mr. Robinson enjoyed early career success in successively responsible technical and management positions with Conoco Inc. and its subsidiary, Continental Pipeline Company in the areas of engineering, operations, strategic planning, logistics, contract administration, market development and crude oil, refined products and natural gas supply. As the Manager of Engineering for Conoco's Natural Gas Department, Mr. Robinson had the management responsibility for the engineering, design, construction and commissioning of the companys natural gas pipeline systems, compressor stations, cryogenic gas processing plants and gas liquids extraction plants. As team leader of the Natural Gas Supply Department, Mr. Robinson was responsible for ensuring the cost-effective supply of 500 MCFD to Conoco's refineries, power plants and processing plants.

With an increasing industry and company focus on the development of international gas reserves, Mr. Robinson was shifted to work as a negotiator, problem-solver, and project developer of offshore gas reserves located in the Middle East, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Singapore. While each project presented different challenges, each project sought to establish natural gas as the base-load fuel for new and existing electricity-generating plants through the contracting for and development of gas reserves ranging from 300 BCF to 1 TCF. These experiences enabled, Mr. Robinson to become adept at securing strategic joint ventures; structuring multi-party transactions; negotiating interconnected agreements and coordinating diverse business activities. The progression of these projects showed Mr. Robinson to be an effective project advocate adept at delivering results to corporate and board-level management in Government and Industry, alike.

Mr. Robinson's commercial and financial capabilities are affirmed by his recent multi-year tenure as the CFO of an Asia-Pacific entity with an operating budget of $45 million and capital budget of $11 million.