Axiall Lotte

Axiall Lotte Ethane Cracker, Lake Charles, LA
No. 1 “TITAN M” Boilers rated: 300,000 lb/h – 600 psig – 720 °F

Macchi Plug & Play Delivery

Projects today are based on very severe cost and time limitations. It is vital to make the right choice at the beginning, because of the unpredictable implications created by changes during project execution.

The Macchi "Plug&Play" fully modularized package boiler is completely prefabricated and tested in our assembling yard in Venice, Italy.

MACCHI has shipped the first out of three Titan M "Plug & Play" from Marghera Port to Kazakhstan. The "Plug & Play" level of prefabrication was designed to optimize the interface (electrical and mechanical) with the Customer and to speed up the time for installation and start-up of the boiler. These modules (dimensions L 29.95 x W 15.98 x H 11.32 m and weight 622.8 tons) are the pinnacle of prefabrication

Chevron Phillips Chemical

Chevron Phillips Ethylene Project, Baytown, TX
No. 1 “TITAN M” BOILER, rated: 380,000 lb/h – 595 psig – 700 °F

INEOS Chocolate Bayou

INEOS Olefins & Polymers: Chocolate Bayou, TX
No. 3 “TITAN M” BOILERS, rated: 275,000 lb/h – 1025 psig – 905 °F
No. 2 HRSG’s rated: 300,000 lb/h – 1025 psig – 905 °F

Shintec Plaquemine

Shintech Ethylene Project, Plaquemine, LA
No. 2 “TITAN M” Boilers, each rated: 132,000 lb/h – 624 psig – 725 °F

M&G Jumbo

Jumbo Project PTA/PET Plant, Corpus Christi, TX
No. 3 “TITAN M” Boilers, each rated: 200,000 lb/h – 1276 psig – sat.

OCI Air Liquide

OCI NatGas Project, Beaumont, TX
No. 1 “MRD”, rated: 575,000 lb/h – 1525 psig – 941 °F

Macchi Northeast Technical Tour 2018

Boiler and HRSG Technical Seminars and Lunch & Learns

Power-Gen 2017

Energy Allied with their partner companies Macchi, AC Boiler and Franco Tosi.

Franco Tosi

Franco Tosi Meccanica Factory
Legnano, Italy