FTM Hydro Turbines

Franco Tosi Meccanica (FTM) is a international manufacturer of hydro turbines and hydroelectric power plant turbines. A market leader in turbomachinery for Power Generation and Conversion, FTM water turbines are of superior quality and relied upon in the energy industry to deliver the greatest levels of hydro power efficiency.

Franco Tosi Meccanica has designed, fabricated, and installed hydro energy turbines and equipment in most challenging locations to meet their client’s needs. With one of the industry’s longest list of supplied equipment, FTM installations continue to provide service today either as original or enhanced equipment.

Due to the potential North American growth market, FTM has partnered with Energy Allied International as their exclusive representative and supplier of hydro turbines.

After more than 130 years of supply and performance, FTM has been 100% acquired by the Bruno Presezzi Group (BP), an equally experienced company providing equipment and services to the power generation industry.  The combination of FTM and Bruno Presezzi enhances their ability to meet their client’s ever-expanding needs while providing the expected performance and reliability.

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We supply FTMs full hydro turbine product line:

  • Pelton (Head from 200 to 1300 m) from 5 MW up to 400 MW, nq from 5 to 20
  • Francis (Head from 30 to 600 m) from 5 MW up to 800 MW, nq from 20 to 110
  • Kaplan (Head from 5 to 60 m) from 3 MW up to 150 MW, nq from 100 to 250
  • Bulb up to 20 MW
  • Pump Turbines up to 250 MW


FTM’s capabilities include:

  • 1,000+ turbines located in more than 40 countries
  • Installed capacity in the Americas: Steam 3,749 MW, Hydro: 9,644 MW
  • Installed worldwide capacity: 75,000+ MW
  • Steam Turbines: 10 MW to 850 MW for Utility & Industrial applications
  • Hydro Turbines: Up to 400 MW
  • Gas and Air Compressors up to 50 MW


For utility applications, Franco Tosi Meccanica offers:   Supercritical Steam condition, high efficiency reaction blading, straight condensing and cogeneration type.


Franco Tosi Meccanica History:

  • Founded in 1881
  • Acquired by the Bruno Presezzi Group in 2015.
  • Machining and Assembly Shops in Legnano, Italy, located north of Milan, historical center of excellence for engineering, manufacturing and machining activities.
    • Road access for oversize and heavy transports
    • 20min drive from the Milano Malpensa / 30min drive from Milano.
    • Total machining area 95,000 yards, divided in 5 bays
    • Engineering, Machining shops, rotor welding shop, heat treatments, fabrication and welding shop, assembly, overspeed test bunker, NDT testing.
    • Max lift 400,000 pounds