Egyptian Biodigesters Co

Company: Energy Allied Egypt

Size: Production Size is variable as it depends upon waste streams that can be processed


Liquid Fertilizer, Soil Amendment & Biogas

Project Overveiw:

Value:  Projected Investment of US $ 17 MM for three stand-alone sites

Brief Facts:

  • Comprehensive Feasibility Study completed
  • Study funded by USTDA
  • Each unit can process 300-400 tons/day of waste
  • Waste processed include Agricultural, Mature & Organic (Food)


Some 28 million metric tons of agricultural waste are produced in Egypt on an annual basis.  This waste is normal disposed of by dumping in the desert or by burning, which creates an annual cloud of noxious fumes blanketing many of the country’s cities for days.  In addition, vast quantities of organic wastes and manures are not disposed of or utilized in environmentally-friendly ways.

The use of anaerobic digestion to process these different wastes streams to yield a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer, an organic soil amendment and useable biogas is the project undertaking by the Egyptian Biodigesters Company.

Utilizing the results of a comprehensive and extensive study of the waste sources, waste-processing technology, and product off-takes, the Egyptian Biodigester Company has formulated a plan for the development, implementation and operation of multiple size-appropriate biodigestion units throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.  As proposed, the Biodigester project makes productive use of Egypt’s abundant agricultural and organic wastes, reduces the negative impacts these wastes have on Egypt’s environment, and produces marketable products while providing employment for the country’s citizens.

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