Seawater-Based Regenerative Agriculture / Aquaculture Project Unveiled at COP27
“Regenerative Seawater Agriculture” (RSA) systems are applicable to 15 million hectares of desert coastal land globally, providing key solutions to food and water security while creating circular rural economies, sequestering carbon, increasing biodiversity and freshwater resources, and enabling blue ecosystem restoration.
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt — Nov 10, 2022
Today at COP27, Dr. Prof. Mahmoud El-Meteini, President of Cairo-based Ain Shams University announced the development by New Nile Ventures of “The Wedyan Project,” an envisioned 100,00 hectare (250,000 acres) agriculture / aquaculture project to be built on the coast of the Red Sea. The project, using a “Regenerative Seawater Agriculture” will address key gaps in Egypt’s food security, in particular through the production of animal fodder, aquaculture feed, and biofuels, all without the use of freshwater. Phase 1 will be 25,000 acres. Ain Shams University will serve as the lead science advisor and academic partner for the project.
RSA is a food production system that uses untreated seawater to grow crops, while providing significant environmental services. With 40,000 km (25,000 miles) of desert coastlines and 15 million hectares (37.5 million acres) of applicable landscape, RSA can become a key system for global climate mitigation, climate adaptation, and food and water security. Without drawing from freshwater reserves, an RSA system produces up to 17 tons of food per hectare (6.8 tons per acre) while capturing between 1.5-4 tons of carbon per hectare (0.8-2 tons per acre). Combining food production, soil regeneration, managed carbon sinks, and ecosystem restoration with untreated seawater is an endeavor that benefits all humanity.
In addition to its ecological benefits, the RSA system opens the door for social progress in remote areas where economic development is stymied by environmental degradation, in particular where mangrove deforestation or fishery depletion threaten community wellbeing.

New Nile Ventures is a partnership between Energy Allied International and Regenerative Resources Corporation, and was created specifically for the Wedyan Project to develop 100,000 hectares (250,000 acres) of regenerative seawater farms on the Red Sea Coast, under the auspices of the Egyptian Government.
In addition to the presentation at the Green Zone, there will be a second presentation on Saturday Nov. 12 at 3 P.M. EET in the Blue Zone at Egypt Pavilion – Hall A. That presentation will be streamed on the internet. Further information can be obtained from the contact below.

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