Milan Italy – Houston TX, October 20, 2016 –Franco Tosi Meccanica S.p.A, (FTM), an Italian OEM of steam turbines, hydro turbines and centrifugal compressors, has partnered with Energy Allied –EAS LLC of Houston, TX (Energy Allied) to meet the growing demand for Franco Tosi products in North America. Franco Tosi’s product line includes Steam Turbines ranging from 10MW to 660MW with applications in the Power sector as well as numerous Oil & Gas applications.

Franco Tosi Meccanica is pleased to announce that effective from Summer 2016, Energy Allied has been appointed as Franco Tosi’s exclusive representative for the United States of America.

The appointment of Energy Allied will enable Franco Tosi to provide a full range of sales, marketing and technical support to Franco Tosi’s North American Clients and Customers. Franco Tosi is pleased to be partnering with Energy Allied and is fully confident that its existing, new and prospective Clients will be well served by Energy Allied and its team of highly experienced professionals in meeting their steam turbine and centrifugal compressor needs.

With offices in the energy capital of the world, Houston – Texas, FTM Energy Allied are well positioned to respond quickly and in a time efficient manner to the needs and requests of new and existing Clients in the development and clarifications of inquiries, proposals and quotations; in addressing design, development and delivery concerns; and in scheduling, tracking and resolution of operational, maintenance and warranty questions. As Franco Tosi Meccanica’s USA representative, Energy Allied will advertise, present, and market FTM’s equipment throughout the United States while coordinating, managing and guiding the delivery and installation of Franco Tosi equipment in the USA.

“ Franco Tosi is extremely pleased to have such a knowledgeable and internationally experienced company, as Energy Allied, representing Franco Tosi in the United States”, said Mr. Alberto Presezzi , CEO of the Franco Tosi.

“Energy Allied is very proud of its special partnership with Franco Tosi Meccanica, a world class steam turbine and centrifugal compressor manufacturer operating in the energy industry since 1881 ″ said Mr. Mike Nassar, Chairman and CEO of Energy Allied.

Individuals and firms interested in learning more about Franco Tosi, its equipment and capabilities are encouraged to contact Energy Allied at the following:

Franco Tosi/ Energy Allied – USA